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Chef maquilleuse pour plusieurs longs métrages: - La cité des ombres, chef maquilleuse et fx, de Kim Nguyen - Magique, chef maquilleuse, de Philippe Muyl - The wind in the willows, (assistante fx), de Rachel Talalay - Maurice Richard, ass. maquilleuse, de Charles Binamé - La neuvaine, ass. maquilleuse, de Bernard Émond - La chambre no 13, chef maquilleuse - Les États-Unis d'Albert, chef maquilleuse, André Forcier - Manners of dying, chef maquilleuse, Jérémy-Peter Allen - La face caché...

I have graduated 2 years ago from InterDec in Montreal and I have been doing photos and fashion mostly ever since. I speak french, english and a little bit spanish. My name is Jean-Ann, I am 25 and I really love make-up. If you want more details, a résumé or some other informations, it would be a pleasure. Thank you ...

Make-up artist, Hair dresser and Photographer. I mostly work in fashion, my specialty is makeup and hair for photography. Go check my website for further information. ...

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