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Specialist in: Black and Caucasian skin. Specialist in: Bridal, Airbush, Contouring and Highlighting, Artistic/Creative Mobile Services. Hair Styling as well: Fully licensed in hair and makeup. Highly recommended active Makeup and Hair Artist. Continuing education in both fields to stay modern and fresh. ...

I am a graduate of Complections International Academy Of Make-Up Artistry as well as Yorkville School Of Make-Up and Esthetics. I am currently looking to mostly do photo shoots to gain more experience of working with models, photographers, art directors, etc. I love edgey make-up as well as beauty. I also have taken hair classes and am comfortable doing many hairstyles. ...

Performed countless makeovers for various occasions in a span of 7 years. Am currently in school, but still working part-time as a freelance makeup artist and beauty boutique adviser on Saturdays & Sundays only. My skills are continuously being honed and upgraded for there is a wide array and range of makeup techniques, looks, and much more to learn. Who doesn't love to look their best and have fun with makeup? Pull a photo from a magazine as a reference and expect to be transformed to your...

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