Perfect Reflections

Makeup Artist from Ado, Nigeria

Samolad Legacy Suites, off Housing Rd, Adebayo, Ado-Ekiti., Ado, Nigeria

Contact: Zino

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Beauty, Courses, Wedding, Wedding, Arabic

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Perfect Reflections is a brand that operates along the lines of aesthetics, cosmetics and fashion, with Makeup Artistry as one of our core and strongest service lines.
We enhance beauty, we create style and we, very importantly, believe that:
" are the star, we are your style"
We enhance your beauty, exceeding your utmost expectations and we create the perfect style for any occasion. Our work voices excellence, creativity, innovation, attention to detail, passionate service and superb customer service.
When you think of beauty, think "Perfect Reflections"!
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