Nivee M Beauty

Makeup Artist from Carteret, United States

Carteret, New Jersey, United States

Contact: Nivee

Services Wedding, Makeover, Beauty, Prom, Party



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I have worked for Chanel, so I specialize in doing natural looks to let the natural high points of your skin shine through. Some of my favorite looks are looks with a lot of color. I also take a lot of pride in my training from Chanel in doing bridal makeup application. I take my time cleaning, prepping, and massaging the skin before makeup application. I love creating foundations, so I will always have the right colors for you.

I like to break down the physical anatomy of the face and body I'm working with. So I pay close attention to bone structure and play it up with makeup. You will always look like the better version of yourself. However, if you want to change and look like something else, I can do that too using the same practice and toning down different parts of the face and creating new shadows and illusions. Basically, I'm an artist for the people, whatever you want, I will deliver.
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