Angelika Olsza Make-up Artist Cracow

Makeup Artist from Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland

Contact: Angelika Olsza

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Editorial, Asian, Makeover, TV & Film, Arabic, Beauty, Courses, Celebrity, Prom

Makeup Brands Used: Mac, Makeup Atelier Paris, Silla, Este Lauder, Kryolan, Makeup 4 ever

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My name is Angelika and I am a make-up artist, a specialist in color analysis in 12 types and a wedding stylist, photo session stylist and make-up trainer.
I completed studies towards a MA degree at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and later graduated from Christine Valmy International School in New York which gave me a title of MakeUp Artist.
I hold the international ITEC, “Beauty & Spa Qualifications” certificate plus multiple other certifications resulting from completion of various classes (i.e. color consulting, make up, wedding style, etc).
I have gained very deep practical experience working at NY Fashion Week and Beauty Show in New York. Having stayed In NY "the fashion capital" for several years, had profound influence on my professional interests. Visage, colors, style and generally fashion are my life passions. I love travelling cross the world and draw a lot of ideas and inspiration from visiting various countries.
I have conducted diverse trainings and lectures In the area of visage for multiple enterprises (i.e. FM Group, Mary Kay, MiM Kraków, Koliber Agency, Ania’s Fashion Imported) and during events for women (Multikino, Women’s Congress in Cieszyn, Tuesday Style Saloons, etc).
In addition I have organized several group workshops and individual one-on-one classes.
I have worked as the main visage specialist responsible for the appearance of models Turing Tuesday Style Saloons In 2013 and 2014.
I have multitude of experiences when performing individual make ups for individual customers for photo sessions, movies, shows expos and alike.
My work can be seen in known magazines, among them Wesele, E-makijaż and Elegant Magazine.
Being very open to people while maintaining high levels of professionalism allows me to gain trust and create a likeable atmosphere for everyone who cooperates with me.
Workshops with me provide valuable clues and inspirations towards forming personalized image for everyone.

Day, business make-up and „no make-up“ – 150 PLN

Very natural and fresh look, perfect when You need to go for a job interview or to work. It works every day for every woman.

Evening Make-up – 150 PLN

Selected to match your style. Strong colors and perfect application will help every woman gain confidence and make her feel more attractive.

Special Occasion Make-up – 150 PLN

For every occasion – new year’s eve, birthday, prom parties, or any other party.

Fashion and photographic Make-up from 150 PLN (quote individually)

Make‐up of a thousand faces and each of them is exceptional and unique.

Wedding make-up from 200 PLN

Individually matched to the Bride and her wedding style.

As unique as the wedding day.

Trial Make-up – 150 PLN

During the trial session we define the shape of your face and conduct the analysis of your skin and its needs, as well as we discuss the style of your wedding dress and accessories in order to ensure that all the components match perfectly.

Groom Make-up – 50 PLN

Subtle skin tone correction.

Make-up of other ceremony participants from 150 PLN

Additional services:

Eyelashes extension 1:1 method – 149 PLN

Eyebrow threading and henna – 35 PLN


Wedding, Bride and Groom’s styling – 799 PLN

Full styling of Bride and Groom as well as the choice of accessories ,decorations and wedding invitations in the way they are consistent. And Your Guests will say: Wow, someone’s tied up loose ends here.

Wedding color analysis – 299 PLN

Determine what kind of beauty you are. Indication of colors that should dominate on your wedding. Indication of what kind of white your wedding dress should be.

Styling photo shoot from 100 PLN/h

Styling and selecting accessories for photo shoot of every kind.

Color analysis in 12 types of beauty system – 399 PLN

Full color analysis, indicating type of your beauty, creating your own base of colors of your clothes as well as makeup.


Individual make-up course for 1 person up to 4h – 399 PLN

We all have the desire to look good. Make‐up is the best way to help us create your perfect look and make your day.

Individual and group courses for companies – price depends on the number of participants

Topics include: day makeup, evening makeup, special occasion makeup, wedding makeup, color analys
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