Makeup Artist from Varna, Bulgaria

24 Han Krum str., Varna, Bulgaria , 9000

Contact: Evelina Doychinova

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Artistic, Special Effects, Editorial, Asian, Makeover, Halloween, TV & Film, Arabic, Beauty, Courses, Celebrity, Airbrush, Prom


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Evelina Doychinova is a make-up artist from Varna,Bulgaria. At the age of 16 she started to work as a model. At that time all the models in Bulgaria hat to do their one make up for the stage, commercials and potshots. In 1992 she moved to Athens, Greece. Her talent in make-up was recognized by the professional photographers and they encourage her to think about carrier in make-up field. She went to Make-Up Artist School Augerinopulu in 1994. In 1996 she is back in Bulgaria and works for fashion agency in Burgas and Varna. In 1998 starts her fashion and lifestyle program STYLE first in Rent TV and later in TV Chanel Ariel . In 2000 moves to work in TV Chanel M SAT. She has worked as a journalist, PR and make-up artist. In 2010 she deseeded to make her one Make-Up Studio and School in Varna. Since then she is working as a Make- up artist and teaching in EVANTI Make-Up Studio and school.
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