Sarah-Jane Bastarache

Makeup Artist from Halifax, Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Contact: Sarah-Jane

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Artistic, Editorial, Wedding, Photo & Fashion, TV & Film, Beauty

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I've always loved make-up, even as a little girl, but by junior high I was obsessed. Religiously buying every magazine I could get my hands on, ripping them apart and filing each page accordingly under tips for: lips, eyes, skin, makeovers, trends and product reviews.

I went to school and was licensed and professionally trained as a make-up artist. I began jumping into every possible opportunity I could get. Through those opportunities I met a variety of talented and fascinating people that were so supportive and created a unique and dynamic circle to network with. I've been able to work on films, T.V. ads , photo shoots for fashion and commercial, special events, weddings, proms, and numerous fashion shows.
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