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Makeup Artist from Dolton, United States

Dolton, Illinois, United States

Contact: Catriese Henning

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Courses

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Catriese, owner of Visioneering Inc., is an experienced makeup artist whose specialty is the "no makeup, makeup" look. She believes in every woman's potential to achieve her best look through use of the right colors and application techniques. "It's the everyday woman who needs to better understand the power of makeup. It's a great boost to a woman's self- esteem if she can look in the mirror and see herself enhanced. She's going to go out into the world more confident. That in turn enables her to be more relaxed and more determined to make everyday a great day! That's what I want my work to reflect: the confidence and power of everyday women."

This talented makeup artist is a consultant whose main goal is to not only make you look good, but to make sure you feel good about your new look. The goal is never to make you look unrecognizable to yourself; she will find and enhance your best features.

Catriese is also a teacher. She will show you the latest techniques to take care of your skin as she believes that makeup looks best on a clean, primed palette. Great skin is the precursor to a flawless makeup finish.

She is available for makeovers for weddings, special events, or even if you just want a new color look. "It washes off, so get creative! Step out of your comfort zone and try some new things!" Her goal is to raise your awareness of and increase your confidence with color.

"Let me help you to achieve your beauty goals. I am in the business of building relationships; I want to be your go-to person for all things beauty. Let's get together for a consultation today. I'd love to work with you!"
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