Spataro Precision Aesthetics

Makeup Artist from Grand Rapids, United States

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Contact: Heather Spataro~LaBash

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Artistic, Special Effects, Editorial, Wedding, Photo & Fashion, TV & Film, Arabic, Beauty, Courses, Wedding, Wedding, TV & Film

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Heather Spataro~LaBash has been providing makeup services in Western Michigan for the past 11 years. Working for the Estee Lauder Company in the retail cosmetic industry (Clinique & Lauder), gave her exposure to a variety of cosmetic textures and training in several techniques of makeup application. After painting hundreds of faces from a diverse background she went to school for her Estheticians License and then on to receive training and certification from prestigious Last Look Academy in Chicago. After that, launching a freelance career seemed like the next obvious step. Drawing from her creative experience and people skills, she enjoys helping clients achieve whatever look that fits their unique personality and continuing to learn and hone her skills in the latest techniquesand fashion trendz.

Makeup is not all about vanity, most of it's strongest attributes include empowerment and self confidence. It can transform the way we see ourselves and in turn change our outlook on life. Now, what woman doesn't need just a little bit of that in her life?

As women, I feel we pick ourselves apart from head to toe, yet we possess beauty in so many ways. I look at life as art and I am constantly trying to create innovative ideas to bring that art to life. When I work with women, I love being able to bring out beauty that they usually never see…highlight their features and collaborate with them in creating a look that embraces who they are. My goal is to make them look at themselves in a different way and to appreciate who they see in the mirror.

Women make me feel good about what I do, they make it possible for me to be passionate about my career. I want us all to be able to feel better about ourselves, and admit that we are HOT sometimes! There are no rules to makeup only guidelines, no limitations. You must be open, and willing to explore everything. You will be amazed what you find, and what you learn about yourself.

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