make- up couture by aki ito

Makeup Artist from Manila, Philippines

pasig city, Manila, Philippines , 1603

Contact: alpet ito

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Artistic, Editorial, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Photo & Fashion, TV & Film, Beauty, Wedding

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The most important thing to know when hiring a makeup artist is their skill level. You need to be aware of which makeup artist will make you look like a goddess, and which will make you look like a clown.

The perfect makeup artist is an expert in cosmetic techniques that work with photos, videos and real life. Regardless of whether you're going to your prom or your wedding, you want to look stunning, both on the day itself and in the pictures you look back on.

A reliable makeup artist should be experienced enough to suggest colors and styles that would look good on you. They should also be professional enough to interpret what you need while still listening to what you ask for.

The easiest way to discover a makeup artist's experience is to ask for a portfolio. Make sure that you get both pictures of their work and references from former customers.

Never trust a makeup artist who refuses to offer pictures of their work. A visual artist who doesn't offer visual samples is probably very inexperienced or running a scam.

Always ask for a small makeover to sample the makeup artist's work before making a final decision. All the photos and references in the world won't matter if the artist turns out to be unable to achieve the look you want.

Last but not least, remember that beauty and health often go hand-in-hand. Sanitation should always be on your mind when hiring anyone to alter your physical appearance, be it hair, skin or nails.

Ask the artist if they sterilize brushes and other cosmetic applicators after each customer. Inquire about the age of the cosmetics, storage conditions and anything else that might worry you. If certain foundations make you itch or break out, make sure that the artist offers any alternative products that you may require.

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