Elderize Proffesional Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist from Vereeniging, South Africa

Freelance, Vereeniging, South Africa , Freelance

Contact: Elderize

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Artistic, Special Effects, Makeover, TV & Film, Beauty



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Saving your Youth, Beauty & Memories...
For A Life time.
You want to look at your wedding photos for many years to come without saying: "What was I thinking?"

take everybody's breath away, especially your husband-to-be?

YOUR complexion is the base of something extraordinary in the happening...i do love every shape skin tone, braces, freckles & curls!

..something unique that speaks YOU

Professional Ladies!! Your the Best in YOUR field yet lacking in prepping for those meetings or events even everyday makeup before work..wanting to look your part? I’ll teach you how or complete the best look for you Yes I know about you..Hat of to you ladies.
MATRICS!!!!!!! Importance of this day speaks for itself.
All in all, a makeup artist can save you from some pretty serious makeup disasters. Hopefully I have you convinced. Hire a professional - it's money well spent...ten times over
Elderize Hall Make up Artist
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