romy julie

Makeup Artist from Dafni, Greece

Dafni, Attica, Greece

Contact: romy fangerow

Services Wedding, Photo & Fashion, Artistic, Special Effects, Editorial, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Photo & Fashion, TV & Film, Arabic, Beauty, Wedding, Wedding, TV & Film, Wedding, Arabic

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In addition to my beliefs regarding make up, I am very delighted that with micro pigmentation (permanent make-up) I am able to give my clients the gift of lasting beauty in a hygienic and safe way. Tailor-made permanent make-up is an issue of trust and must be based on profound skills and sure knowledge about the results that can be achieved in shape and color; always according to individual needs and focused on attaining the most attractive but natural look.

I want my clients to be happy with their make-up throughout the ever-changing moods of their day and life’s situations, feelings and activities.... This is why I always spend time to understand the expectations of each of my clients and then concentrate all of my efforts to really do the best possible.

Working with a range of top-quality and derma-safe colors, I have achieved breathtakingly naturalistic results. I work with the best and most precise German permanent make-up system.
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